"Commenting got me on the influencers' podcast and drove 300+ new sales! “

CMO for SaaS startup

As a marketing specialist, I need to think outside the box when it comes to brand awareness and building a community for SaaS startups. Entario efficiently helped to pull off a creative idea of getting on an influencer podcast by simple automated commenting!

AI help with creative marketing ideas.

If you are a thinking out-of-the-box marketing specialist, just like me, then you need Entario. I decided to try commenting on influencer's posts to get attention, warm up leads, and get noticed. It worked. I used Entario to spend up to 10x less time and never burn out from ideas' creation.

The goal was to get on the influencer's podcast. The only way to get noticed and become an active community member was to show my interest in the influencer's work by commenting on the social media posts and engaging in discussion with other followers.

Entario efficiently helped to pull off a creative idea

2 months later, of the consistent commenting, I am on the podcast and have 200+ new followers from that community activity.

It was easy and convenient because I used Entario to generate comments and could easily customize them.

After the podcast went live, we made 300+ new sales of our SaaS and grew a startup online presence.

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