"Grew my income by 33%, working the same hours. It's a game-changer!"

Freelancer, SMM

Being a freelancer means working flexible hours or countless, depending on how you organize the workflow. Working smart hours is the goal, not long hours.

Freelancer's daily routine

I am a freelancer for startups and SMBs managing their communities, posting content, and answering all questions that appear on social media platforms.

At least 15 hours per week, I reply to comments and ensure that all users are not abandoned or left alone with their inquiries. Most of the time I have to come up with standard troubleshooting replies, greetings, and cheering up comments while the teams are getting back to me with answers or finding the solution.

I was looking to improve this part of my job and apply a smarter approach. 

With Entario "thank you" and troubleshooting comments come fast and easy! I changed the way I handled this task. Now I do not repeat the same message to users and provide a tailored answer to each request. I've always needed a tool to assist me with my job task and quickly deliver results!

Now I spent 2 times less on commenting per account and could land one more extra contract! I grew my income by 33% working the same hours. It's a game-changer.

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